Function Series 食尚系列

“Buffalo Function Series combines the wisdom gained from many years of research and innovation, technological advances, and strict product testing from experts to bring you the healthiest cookware available. Let’s join us and enjoy a wonderful healthy life cooking with our fine products. ”

BUFFALO consistently develops leading edge innovations and designs. Their latest invention: “Combination of Buffalo Clad and Flow Forming technology” make them the pioneer in the industry. New innovations and an unrelenting quest for increased efficiencies with the right forming design, Buffalo again achieves another breakthrough in stainless steel cookware industry.

Metal forming technique plays a very important role in providing and satisfying consumer needs in today world. It’s more reliable and desired as compare to traditional method of bending and shaping metal; increased flexibility of metal forming; at the same time, better use of resources and increase productivity. The only disadvantage with metal forming technique is, it required a higher investment in all areas, hence, only reputable and big company are willing to invest in this technique.