Buffalo Clad Inner Pot

The Inner Pot Is Made Of Buffalo Clad. It Has All The Features To Make An Excellent Cookware. Among Its Features Are Even Heat Transmission, Resistant To Oxidation, Not Easily Stick And Has No Chemical Reation. Buffalo Clad Is Superior In Heat Conductivity, To Ensure The Dishes Are Well Cooked.

  •  Tough & Scratch-proof Buffalo Clad. 
  •  High Thermal Conductivity Outer Layer, Fast & Even Heat Distribution. • Fast, Gentle & Even Heat Transmission, Excellent Heat Retention. 
  • No Stick Space-tech Grade Stainless Steel Inner Layer, Resistant To Oxidation,deformation & Chemical Reaction. 
  • Do Not Stick Or Charred Easily, Hygienic & Easy To Clean.
  • No Maintenance Required, As Product Were Cleaned With Distilled Water Purifying.