18cm Yadeng Series sautepan

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  1. Product Name : 18cm Yadeng Series Saucepan
  • Water Capacity : 2.2L
  • Diameter : 18cm
  • Product size:  (H)16cm x (L)40cm x (W)22cm
  • Weight : 2.3kg (For refer)
  • Depth : 9.5cm 
  • Comes with:
  • 1x 18cm Saute Pan
  • 1x 18cm Water Seal Lid 1x
  • 18cm Steam rack
  • ✅ Water seal design⁣ The water seal groove design uses moisture in the food to create a thin film of water during cooking. The lid is tightly coupled to the body of the pot so that nutrition cannot escape from the palm of the pot.⁣
  • ⁣ ✅ Heat self-circulation⁣ The thin film of water will form a sealed space inside the pot so heat energy can cycle up and down in the pot and does not escape easily. Delicious dishes can be ready in the shortest time!⁣ ⁣
  • ✅ Steam self-circulation⁣ Take advantage of the natural moisture that comes from food. Water vapour circulates itself in a water-sealed environment to
  • ✅水封设计 在烹饪时形成天然水封膜,锅盖和锅体紧密结合,营养逃不出掌心!
  • ✅热能自循环 水封膜使锅内形成密封空间,热能上下循环,不易逃散。最短的时间煮出最好吃的菜肴! ✅水蒸气自循环 充分利用食物渗出来的天然水分,水蒸气在水封环境下自循环,保留食材的营养和本味!
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