2L Thermo Carrier

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Product Details:

  • Height included cap : 20 CM
  • Diameter : 13.5 CM
  • With small rack
  • Weight : 1.45 KG
  • SUS 304

Product Features :

  1. Energy Saving, Environmentally Friendly and Safe
    Uses thermal insulation to retain heat and cook food without continuous use of gas or other heat source which saves up to 80% energy.
  2. Save Time and Provide Versatile Usage
    Great for excursions or trip as you can take along home sooked food for travels and picnics.
  3. Safer
    Food cooked without fire or electricity which saves food from overcooking or burning.
  4. Heat Preservation and Cold Preservation for Long Hours
    Suitable for all cooking style.
  5. Perfect Cooking; Retains Full Flavor and Nutrients of Food
    Does not overcook as it uses heat retention to complete the cooking process so food remains at cooking temperature for a long period of

User Manual

  1. Wash inner pot with dish detergent and soft cloth before use.
  2.  The ring around the pot cover must be cleaned thoroughly to avoid residue build-up.
  3. When not in used, keep inner pot dry and cover it.
  4. Leave a 2cm gap between food liquid and top of inner pot.
  5. When utilizing 2.0L compartment, if there is soup in the pot, the capacity should not exceed the bottom compartment of the top layer.
  6. This pot works best with soup, braised, stew or similar dishes which has more liquid content.
  7. Cook dishes according to stipulated time and seasoned it well before transferring it into thermal pot to complete the cooking process.
  8. Avoid opening the cover until cooking time completes as it will affect the temperature which may affect the end result of the dish.
  9. Consume food within 6 hours from the moment food is placed into the thermal pot. Food kept longer than 6 hours may breed bacteria. If it exceed the time limit, It is recommended to transfer to another pot for reheating or container for refrigeration.


  1. When transferring hot liquid into inner pot, keep children at a distance to avoid burns.
  2. After transferring the hot liquid, do not tilt pot or shake it vigorously.
  3. Part of the pot is made of plastic. Do not place pot next to stove to avoid deformation. Avoid direct contact with fire and should not be soaked in water.
  4.  Do not bump into sharp objects as it will affect the insulation function.
  5. This product has a life-span. After several years, the vacuum effect may be lost which is a normal phenomenon but it is not due to poor manufacturing.