Toros Ferum IH Smart Cooker

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Product Description : Toros Ferum IH Smart Cooker (multifunction)

Product Code : KWT11

Rated Voltage : 1300w

Capacity : 1.8L (10 cups of rice)

Dimension : L37.6cm x W30.4cm x H25.3cm

Gross weight :

  • Ten kinds of function choices,  rice, multi-grain rice, porridge, congee, stewed soup, hot spring egg, quick rice, steaming。Preset timer : 24 hours from morning to night.
  • Daikin corrosion resistance coating
  • Daikin high corrosion resistance water-based coating
  • SUS430 stainless iron
  • high temperature resistant coating
  • spherical Innerpot :rice grains are fully boiled and crystal-clear and full heating technology The heating technology of the spherical Innerpot design allows the rice to be matured more thoroughly, effectively making the grains of rice more sturdy and improving the taste of the rice.
  • The 3.0mm thick design non-stick pan does not waste the water level for cooking rice porridge or other water level non-stick liner for cooking with food-grade material, the rice porridge is not easy to stick to the bottom, and it is easier to clean

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