New 8L Pressure Cooker + Toros Crisp Lid

New 8L Pressure Cooker + Toros Crisp Lid

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Pressure Cooking is a method of cooking in a sealed vessel or pot that does not permit air or liquid to escape below a preset pressure. Because the boiling point of water increase as the pressure increase, the pressure built up inside the cooker allows the liquid in the pot to rise to a higher temperature before boiling.

Pressure cooker cooks up to 3 to 4 times much faster than normal pot, relatively it will consume less time and energy. Therefore, it can reduce your cost significantly over the periods. Buffalo Pressure Cooker, unlike any other brands, consist of safety features that always keep you safe and comfortable through out your cooking process.

Toros CrispLid

  • Can be use for Toros 6L Electrical Pressure Cooker or Buffalo 8L pressure cooker.
  • What is Crisplid?
  • Can turn any electric pressure cooker in to an AIR FRYER!
  • It can be placed on Toros 6L Electrical Pressure Cooker or Buffalo 8L pressure cooker as an AIR FRYER.
  • Air fry, crisp, broil, and dehydrate in any 6 or 8 quart electric pressure cooker.
  • New deep basket included!
  • Easy to use: set time, temperature, and start.
  • Easy clean-up: no need for the oven or additional pans.
  • Less clutter: free up space with fewer gadgets taking prime counter space.
  • What’s inside the box? : CrispLid, fryer basket, raised trivet, stainless steel tongs, silicone trivet, instruction manual.

Buffalo Pressure Cooker also manage to obtain ISO 9001 : 2000 and Safety Goods (SG) Certificate from Japan. Specifications light-weight design compatible with all stove types 3 – 4 times much faster than normal pot retain nutrient in your food<iframe src=”″ width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe>

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