Buffalo New Induction Cooker

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  • Induction Cooker
    LCD display for individual function function : keep warm, reheat, steamboat, stir fry Energy efficient compare to conventional cooker Durable glass surface, easy cleaning Safety lock function
    LCD 显示单个功能功能:保温、再加热、蒸锅、翻炒 与传统炊具相比节能 耐用的玻璃表面,易于清洁 安全锁定功能
    ✅8 Multi functions
    ✅Strong fire power & convenience
    ✅German technology induction heater makes food faster and more convenience.
    ✅German high technologies : Boil, poriddge, steam and soup by auto functions and safety devices by self-detection.
    ✅Nature friendly : Do not make harmful has during cooking.
    ✅Stylish design and smart touch panel.
    ✅Material Glass, ABS Plastic
    ✅220-240V, 50/60 Hz, 2000W
    ✅Product Size : 290 X 370 X 38 mm
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