Mix Master

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  • Rate Voltage: 220~240V
  • Rated Wattage:: 550W
  • Frequency: 50Hz


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Mix Master


  1.  An unique twin-motor 3-way beating action for individual bowl and mixer speed control.
  2. 4.1 liters stainless steel mixing bowl for large volume of ingredients
  3. Fully controllable knob, powerful watts for any mixing tasks with quiet yet long lasting motor.
  4. Combination die-cast with strong internal stainless steel chassis, to ensure stability of mixer stand during dough making.
  5. Patented stainless steel beater whisks with spring loaded for consistent bowl contact. The nylon scraping tips will ensure excellent mixing results even on a very small volume and difficult reached center section of the bowl.
  6. Patented beater whisks and heavy dough books are suitable for all kinds of mixing tasks. Spatula is attached.
  7. Off-center mixing head, simple installation


  1. 独特双马达设计,三重搅拌法 ,分别操控搅拌器与不锈钢碗的搅拌速度, 使面团面糊搅拌得更均匀。
  2. 4.1公升特大型的不锈钢碗,容量充足。
  3. 操控旋钮,拥有额外动力,适合任何一种搅拌功能。同时马达更安静,更持久耐用。
  4. 搅拌座拥有稳定的底部设计,确保不锈钢碗在搅拌过程中不摇晃。
  5. 搅拌刀 – 独家专利弹簧插座搅拌刀以及尼龙附底,就算少量的面团或,一般粘在碗底的面团,也能够均匀搅打。
  6. 专利多功能不锈钢搅拌刀和面团搅拌刀,适合各种搅拌方式,另增送刮刀。
  7. 离心搅拌头,简易安装。

Suggestion for 12-Speed Control Dial


  1. 低速 Low (1, 2, 3) – 轻微搅拌 Folding & Blending ~酥饼点心 Scones / Pastry ~饼干面团 Biscuit Dough ~小型蛋糕 Tea Cakes
  2. 中速 Medium (4, 5, 6) – 低速搅拌Light Mixing ~酱料和布丁 Sauces & Puddings ~蛋奶 Custard / Icing ~混合料包 Packet Mixes
  3. 高速 High (7, 8, 9) – 奶油状搅拌 Creaming & Beating ~牛油和糖 Butter & Sugar ~奶油乳酪 Cream Cheese ~浓稠面糊Heavy Batters
  4. 极高速 Very High (10, 11, 12) – 极高速搅拌Whipping & Aerating ~乳霜 Cream ~蛋白,酥皮 Egg Whites & Meringues ~软糖 Marshmallow

Notes 注意事项: For most recipes, it is better to begin your mixing on slower speed until the ingredients begin combining, then move to the appropriate speed range for the particular task. 依据一般的食谱,在进行搅拌面糊的工作时最好先以低速度拌打至材料开始混合后,再转至较高的速度搅拌。

When mixing larger quantities it is recommended to increase the mixer speed due to the amount of mixing required and the larger load on the machine. 若搅拌大量的材料,必须增加拌打的速度。

When building a recipe that required additional of dry ingredients such sf flour, slow the speed down whilst these ingredients are being added to avoid snow storm effect. Once the extra ingredients begin combining then slowly increase the appropriate speed for the particular mixing task. 而在进行搅拌时,若需要额外增加例如面粉般的干燥材料,必须先将搅拌的速度调慢,以防材料喷出。之后再渐渐调快搅拌速度。

  • Rate Voltage: 220~240V
  • Rated Wattage:: 550W
  • Frequency: 50Hz


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