40cm 时尚系列圆底炒菜锅

MYR 1,026.00

貨號: BC40 分類:


Better heat conduction, lighter in weight, innovative Thickness Varied design, and a perfect thickness of 3.2mm, Buffalo is 25% lighter than traditional 5-ply cookware and yet 30% more efficient in heat conduction. Whether you stir fry, boil, pan fry, or deep fry, low heat achieves high temperature, significantly reducing smoke and saving energy.

Suitable for families of 4-10
Round bottom
Cooking surface: gas, electric, ceramic and induction
No chemical coating applied
Absolutely no harmful materials used
Heat radiates evenly and efficiently
High heat conductivity
Dishwasher safe
Owen safe without lid and plastic handles
Additional steamer available for order

Special Features:

One-piece construction that’s easy to clean: No more worrying about accidental injuries to loved ones from handles falling off. Our one-piece construction from the pot to the handle makes it the safest product on the market. There are no blind spots, nothing will ever come loose. It is easy to clean and designed to leave no dirty residue.
Polished wear-resistant surface: Our exclusively polished cookware surface is wear-resistant that withstands everyday wear and tear, enabling it to retain that brand-new shine.
Pure water cleaning: Buffalo’s 5-step pure water cleaning process eliminates all oily residues and the need to sterilise new cookware before the first use. This lets you cook with peace of mind and eat healthily.