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About Us

Buffalo was founded in 1957 in Taiwan by Mr. Hsiao Tsai Sheng, a stainless steel professional. He advocated stainless steel as a healthy cookware material to consumers, even though people were not ready to accept the new concept at that time.

In 1960, under his guidance, Buffalo pioneered a series of stainless steel pressure cookers, followed by the first stainless steel wok. The company produced the first multilayer cookware in 1980, and two years later it set new standards again with the production of space-age composite metal cookware products.

Buffalo became the first foreign company in Japan to receive the IH, CH and SG certification. This achievement – along with many others – is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence. In 2015, Buffalo established its Global Sales and Branding headquarters in Kuala Lumpur to grow the company and expand into new markets. Buffalo’s products are now available in many countries all over the world including Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and the USA.