IH Smart Cooker

Braised Duck with Lotus Seed

Recipes | Buffalo Cookware Malaysia
  • 1 duck
  • 50gm sliced ginger
  • 100gm lotus seed
  • 10 red dates
  • 8gm “dang shen”
  • 20gm dried chinese yam
  • 400ml water
  • 50ml sesame oil
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 200ml rice wine


  1. Clean and wash duck. Chop off and discard duck head and buttock and cut into pieces.
  2. Prepare a pot of boiling water. Add in 5 slices ginger. Place duck into pot and boil for 5 minutes. Wash and set aside
  3. Soak lotus seed in water for 2 hours. Drain and set aside.
  4. Add sesame oil into inner pot. Select “Steam” function. Heat oil, add in ginger slice and saute until fragrant.
  5. Add in duck and stir fry. Add water, rice wine, lotus seed, “dang shen”, red dates and dried chinese yam. Close lid and cancel “Steam” function. Re-select “Claypot” function and cook with preset timing.
  6. Add salt to taste and dish is ready to serve.