1.7L Buffalo S/S Steel Water Tumbler

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  • 材料:不锈钢类型:奥氏体型不锈钢
  • 不锈钢牌号:内胆316不锈钢
  • 塑料:聚丙烯(PP)(食品接触用)
  • 封水圈:硅橡胶(食品接触用)
  • 工艺:全套高真空生产线保温、保冷、保鲜;
  • 技术:保温效果达到国标标准;
  • 携带:多系列产品适合居家、旅行、办公等的理想饮水用具;
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  • 材料:不锈钢类型:奥氏体型不锈钢
  • 不锈钢牌号:内胆316不锈钢
  • 塑料:聚丙烯(PP)(食品接触用)
  • 封水圈:硅橡胶(食品接触用)
  • 工艺:全套高真空生产线保温、保冷、保鲜;
  • 技术:保温效果达到国标标准;
  • 携带:多系列产品适合居家、旅行、办公等的理想饮水用具;


  • 316不锈钢属于與氏体型不锈钢,是属食品接触用不锈钢,主要特性是防腐蚀、耐酸碱、耐高温的能力要比304强,主要用于食品容器和家庭厨房用具、医疗器械等领域。


  • 在使用前请将盖子、内胆、杯体用中性洗涤剂洗干净,彻底干净后再使用;
  • 使用时先加入热水或冷水进行预热或预冷,然后倒掉杯内的水,重新加入热水或冷水;
  • 盛水入瓶请留一定空際(空气缓冲能提供理想的密封效果也便于饮用);
  • 用海绵沾上温水稀释的洗碗专用洗涤剂清洗,冲洗后请将水分擦净晾干;
  • 难以清洗的部分推荐使用有手柄的软质海绵刷等沾上温水进行清洗;
  • 若有红色锈斑或水垢时的清洗方法:使用过程中由于水质、异物等,可能导致本体内侧出现红色锈斑或水垢,此种状况出现时,请在热水中加入约10%的醋,并将其倒入水杯内,不盖上盖,放置约30分钟~1小时,之后再将水杯充分洗净;


  • 清洁时勿使用漂白剂、金属剂、化学抹布等;
  • 切勿使用挥发剂、汽油、
  • 金属丝球和硬性物等清洗产品,否则会造成刮伤、损伤;
  • 加入开水量不宜过满,拧紧杯盖时会溢出,有烫伤的危险;
  • 真空杯内请勿加入干冰、碳酸饮料等(内压升高会导致杯盖无法打开);
  • 不得用于对乳制品或婴儿食品的长时间保温;
  • 不得使用微波炉等加热设备对产品进行加热;
  • 不得使用洗碗机清洗;
  • 瓶盖可承受的温度-0°C到+99°C;
  • 置于小孩触及不到之处,以免烫伤;
  • 避免打翻、掉落、碰撞及强力冲击,会造成杯体变形,保温效果降低等;
  • 勿置于火炉等近火处,则会号起塑料部分变形变色;

Product Material

  • Material: Stainless steel Type: Austenitic stainless steel
  • Stainless steel grade: inner tumbler 316 stainless steel
  • Plastic: Polypropylene (PP) (for food contact)
  • Water sealing ring: silicone rubber (for food contact)
  • Process: a full set of high-vacuum production line for heat preservation, cold preservation and freshness preservation;
  • Technology: the heat preservation effect reaches the national standard;
  • Portable: ideal drinking utensils for home, travel, office, etc.;

What is 316 stainless steel

  • 316 stainless steel belongs to the wustenitic stainless steel, which is stainless steel for food contact. Its main characteristics are corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and high temperature resistance.

Use & Care

  • Before use, please clean the lid, liner and cup body with neutral detergent, and use them after thorough cleaning
  • When using, add hot water or cold water to preheat or precool, then pour out the water in the cup and add hot water again water or cold water;
  • Please leave a certain amount of space when putting water into the bottle (the air buffer can provide an ideal sealing effect and is easy to drink);
  • Clean with a sponge dipped in warm water-diluted dishwashing detergent, wipe off the water after rinsing and dry;
  • For parts that are difficult to clean, it is recommended to use a soft sponge brush with a handle, etc. to wash with warm water;
  • Cleaning method if there are red rust spots or scales: During use, due to water quality and foreign matter, etc., red rust spots or scales may appear on the inside of the body. When this happens, please add about 10% vinegar to hot water, and Pour it into the water cup, leave it uncovered for about 30 minutes to 1 hour, and then fully wash the water cup;


  • Do not use bleach, metal agents, chemical rags, etc. when cleaning;
  • Never use propellants, gasoline,
  • Cleaning products such as metal balls and hard objects, otherwise it will cause scratches,
  • The amount of boiling water added should not be too full, it will overflow when the lid is tightened, and there is a danger of scalding;
  • Do not add dry ice, carbonated beverages, etc. to the vacuum cup (increased internal pressure will cause the cup lid to fail to open);
  • Not for prolonged holding of dairy products or baby food;
  • Do not use heating equipment such as microwave ovens to heat the product;
  • Do not wash in a dishwasher;
  • Caps can withstand temperatures from -0°C to +99°C;
  • Keep out of reach of children to avoid burns;
  • Avoid overturning, dropping, collision and strong impact, which will cause the deformation of the cup body and reduce the heat preservation effect;
  • Do not place it near a fire such as a stove, otherwise the plastic part will be deformed and discolored;

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